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Published on Sept 16, 2014


When Bob Greenberg asked me to participate in his series on people influencing change in education, I agreed on the condition he include my students. As with all of Bob's videos, what the kids had to say was unrehearsed and purely their choice of topic. Ishan opted to talk about a year-long project grade 6 worked on beta-testing a new platform from Denmark. Ishan worked as lead programer for the grade 6 project.

"A consummate student-centered educator, Marianne was among our first choices to be one of the inaugural advisors in our new middle school because of her care for and knowledge of students. She carries a similar focus to her curricular work, where she has consistently used her philosophy of “let the students direct the learning” to aid the evolution of her curriculum."

​​Aaron Cooper, 

Head of School

The Elisabeth Morrow School

"As the Head of School for the Elisabeth Morrow School from 2000 to 2012, I worked with Ms. Malmstrom for 12 years. I supported her transition from a classroom teacher in our elementary division to a technology teacher, with responsibilities that spanned grades 1 through 8. I feel it is important to note that Ms. Malmstrom was a classroom teacher before she took on the digital world. Her knowledge of how young people learn has informed her development as a technology teacher. She did not take a skill with technology and try to fit it into a traditional curriculum; rather, she took a curriculum and enhanced and expanded it with the many experiences that the digital arena provides."

​​David Lowry, Ph. D., 

Former Head of School

The Elisabeth Morrow School

“Marianne has a knack for connecting with new people at conferences and workshops. This has meant that Marianne was often able to bring emerging technologies into our school at little or no cost to us. She found mentors to help support us as we designed new classes and projects exposing students to cutting edge technologies while grounding everything in sound pedagogy. Marianne is always eager to share her ideas and their origins as well as the pedagogy that makes them great learning experiences for students.”

Sarah Rolle,

Director of Technology

The Elisabeth Morrow School

“To simply call Marianne a technology integrator or teacher shortchanges the true role that she plays both in our school and in the educational technology world. Marianne is a visionary, who uniquely merges philosophy with practice. I vividly recall my first conversation with Marianne. We spoke about the importance of student autonomy, play, and exploration in the classroom. However, what most impressed me was that her pedagogical theory played out in her classroom. My office is within earshot of her teaching space, not surprisingly called a lab, so I hear how Marianne deliberately structures learning. She begins with student intrigue and exploration, providing a set of expectations for a process, yet allowing students the freedom to customize the production of their work. Then, she provides an opportunity for reflection. I frequently hear and see her using student exploration as a means to revisit lessons on digital citizenship, the importance of checking sources, and the value of retracing their steps."

Paul Baly,

Morrow House Principal

Elisabeth Morrow School

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