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Streamed live on Oct 9, 2015

Pam Hook, Barbara Cavanagh, Marianne Malmstrom and Russell Burt, moderated by Derek Wenmoth.

"What will it mean to be educated in 2050?" 
Recorded at CORE ULearn15 in Auckland.



Auckland, NZ

  • Spotlight: “Creating Space for Student-Driven Learning”

  • Panel: "What will it mean to be educated in 2050?" with Pam Hook, Barbara Cavanagh, Russell Burt and moderated by Derek Wenmoth

  • Workshop: “Constructivist Games for Student-Driven Learning”

  • Permission to Play Workshop: “Minecraft: Constructivist Game for Student-Driven Learning

Games in Education Sumposium 

Albany, New York

Serious Play Conference 

Pittsburgh, Pensylvania

  • “Play to Pedagogy: How Game Play and Learning Interact”

  • “Games4Ed Initiative” with Mitch Weisburgh, Steve Isaacs, Michelle King

ISTE Conference

Philadelphia, Pensylvania

  • "Minecraft: Learning Blocks 3.0" 

  • Panel: Moderated by: Lisa Castaneda “Breaking Down the Classroom Walls: Creating Space for Student-Driven Learning” with Steve Isaacs and Mark Suter 

  • Workshop: “Minecraft: Mining the Learning, Crafting Meaning”


Learning Revolution - Games in Education Symposium 


Griffith University, Serious Play Symposium

Brisbane, Australia

  • Keynote: “Follow the Learning”

QSITE: Getting Playful

Sippy Downs, Australia

  • Featured Speaker: "Fillow the Learning"

Mac ICT: Epic Learning

Sydney, Australia

  • Featured Speaker: "Fillow the Learning"


#edchatNZ Unconference 

Auckland, New Zealand

  • “Follow the Learning”

Serious Play Conference

Los Angeles, California

  • Students as Game Developers” with Damon Hernandez 

  • “Minecraft: Learning Blocks!”



ISTE Conference

Atlanta, Georgia

  • “Learning Blocks 2.0” 

  • Workshop: “Minecraft: Mining the Learning, Crafting Meaning” 

edWeb Webinar


  •  "Escape To Morrow: Minecraft as a Game Design Engine for Students"


"There was real world applications for the content covered in this breakout. I am really excited to bring this into my class."
"Well planned. Issues with execution simply around the internet which was not the presenter's fault. She managed to pull an excellent alternate method out of her hat until the tech people fixed things."
"Presenters did a fantastic job of helping break down the fear. Great examples were given and enthusiastic on sending this back to my district to implement."
"Great session that gave me an understanding of minecraft and how it relates to the field of education. I have read many articles and listened to other lectures, but this one connected all the dots!"


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