I am honoured to be teaching at Newlands Intermediate School in Wellington, NZ where I have been tasked with developing a digital technology program that will fill students with awe and wonder. I can't imagine a better job description! 


  I'm also know as Knowclue


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“To simply call Marianne a technology integrator or teacher shortchanges the true role that she plays both in our school and in the educational technology world. Marianne is a visionary, who uniquely merges philosophy with practice. I vividly recall my first conversation with Marianne. We spoke about the importance of student autonomy, play, and exploration in the classroom. However, what most impressed me was that her pedagogical theory played out in her classroom. My office is within earshot of her teaching space, not surprisingly called a lab, so I hear how Marianne deliberately structures learning. She begins with student intrigue and exploration, providing a set of expectations for a process, yet allowing students the freedom to customize the production of their work. Then, she provides an opportunity for reflection. I frequently hear and see her using student exploration as a means to revisit lessons on digital citizenship, the importance of checking sources, and the value of retracing their steps."


- Paul Baly, Principal

Elisabeth Morrow School



In Sept-Dec 2015, I travelled through New Zealand visiting a variety of schools and makerspaces. I wanted to learn how educators and institutions were interpreting the NZ National Curriculum. I was especially curious to understand various perspectives regarding the push for Innovative Learning Environments and what that meant in relation to Innovative Learning Practices. What I discovered inspired me to return to New Zealand to learn more through immersing myself in the education system.



“My vision, compared to my students', is so small - I wouldn't want to constrain them.”


- Conor O’Malley,

Preservice Teacher

Madison Wisconson

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